The secret government admits: This page seriously tells the truth and we made all the possible to destroy it but it is heavenly protected...


What is the system?
The system is that order that rules in the world.

Here you can see some problems that it has created:
  • The hunger. Chronic hunger plagues at least 852 million people worldwide every day. However, world hunger isn't because the lack of the food. One reason is
    • The poverty, that in many cases is caused by:
    • Unemployment, that in many cases is caused by wrong politics.

      Philosopher Olli Tammilehto writes in his book "Maailman tilan kootut selitykset" the following:
      "The most fundamental reason of the problems is that the principal object of the international companies and countries that please them, is the reckless, consistent and wasteful pursuit of profit in the expenses of the majority of the people.
      The activity of the companies produces rather inevitably destruction, because they are big hierarchic organisations based on a strong leadership. Countries that work the same way are not alternatives for the companies: the governments of the third world are mostly big exploiters of their own country."
      In addition, the poverty causes infantile mortality, analfabetism, corruption, violent riots, crime, despair (despair causes for example suicides, alchoholism, diseases)

      Other story is that 20% of the world's population that live in the industrial countries consume 80% of the natural resources...
  • The contamination, that causes greenhouse effect and climatic change, desertisation, diminution of bio-diversity, the disappearance of woods, holes in the ozone layer, lack of drinking water (read more) and that way illness, wars, refugees, hunger, etc.
    The consequences of all those problems are known, for example: according to a study by the World Health Organisation, 160 000 deaths a year result from climate change, the glaciers (incl. Siberian Permafrost read more) melt faster that predicted, the sea surface rises, and the islands like Tuvalu will stay inevitably below the water and later (when it rises 70 m) all the biggest cities and most part of the earth! Also the Gulf Stream could weaken seriously which would cause a new ice age in Europe and Norht America. In spite of all that, USA, China and many more keep on contaminating with accelerating velocity in the name of economic growth.

  • Increase of population. The population of the world was year 1650 about 0,5 billions of persons. Until the year 1900 the population was growed to 1,6 billions. The UN estimates, that the world's population will grow to 2050 until about 9,8 billions. It's 50% more than now see counter (about 6,5 billions). All of the increase of population happens in the developing countries, e.g. in India and Nigeria. (Read more.)

  • War. Actually there are many wars in the world, e.g. in Iraq and Sudan. Wars cause human suffering and death, the increase of the refugees, hunger and poverty. E.g. USA invests every year about 450 - 470 billions of dollars in the expenses of weapons and war when US aid to developing countries year 2002 was only 0,13 % of the national production.

  • The criminality. This is caused by (e.g.) the poverty, bad education, lack of education, greed, empty life, drugs, alcoholism, etc.

  • Terrorism. The reasons are, before all, the fanatic religionism, hate, the brain washing and aims of the certain organizations. The most considerable of these organizations is the Illuminati, that maintains the myth about "Al-Qaida" and that organized e.g. 9/11 attacks... (read more about terrorism.)
    The criminality and the terrorism cause insecurity. Most of the places of the earth are dangerous, in the darkness before all. People are kidnapped, ransom is asked. Robberies. Murders. Vandalism. Drug dealing. Money-washing. Prostitution. Counterfeiting. Economic crimes. Stock-jobbing. Illegal weapon trading.
  • Slavery of the children and women. Exploitation of children. Child soldiers.

  • Dictatorship. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pinochet, Saddam Hussein, Taliban... No, you don't have to go that far: The real executive government is not the one you believe but the secret world government, Illuminati (also known as the Majestic Twelve, or the Jason Society, or the Jason Scholars).
    Military coups. Censorship and propaganda.
  • Corruption.
  • Inequality (e.g. black skin/white skin, men/women, American natives, Gypsies/Europeans, rich/poor)
Here some smaller scale problems: alcoholism, divorces, envy, hate, violence, egoism, gambling, addictions, etc.

Can everything continue same way forever? Do you think the powerful and important people (the ones in Illuminati) haven't made their own conclusions? It is known that their objectives include death of 3 billion persons before 2050 and create what is called "zero-growth postindustrial society". The bad news is that their men really are in the key positions in the world, like the president of the United States, so you can be sure things are going to change soon, to worse! Read more from The Truth-page!

Do you feel safe with this system? Does it make you happy?! The sure thing is that you can't choose the world where you are living, but you can choose how to live, you can be over all of this...

You can be freed of every spiritual shackle and even physical, if you want, everything is possible if your support is "Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." The sovereign King of the Universe who has "government on his shoulders" (Is.9:5)

He is
Jesus Christ

Forget all the religions! If we have an intimate relation with the Lord, the Saint of Israel, our Creator, by him we have the wisdom and force, all the authority against principalities of the darkness that rule temporarily in this world. He, the God Father, Almighty who created the universe and the stars and all that exists in them, lives in you, if you want.

Whoever you are, know that


Before that comes "a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time" (Dan.12:1) But if you "keep the word of His patience", He protects you.(Rev.3:10)

The question is; do you want to participate?

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